Last year I have wrote a post about Summer in Northern Norway, unfortunately as it sometimes happens with technology, I have lost it… deleted it… pooof gone! Not on purpose of course but these things happen sometimes.

And since that was last year, and I don’t even remember what I wrote any more, and I definitely don’t feel like writing it all over… sorry, not sorry! But, here’s the thing, I really, really love the pictures I took last year and were included in that post. So for that reason, I am sharing those photos again and even making them available as wallpapers. So try them out because they are some really gorgeous wallpapers. Simply click on the photo which will then open in a new window and then right click to save to your desktop. Once saved on your computer you can set as desktop wallpaper or screensaver. If you enjoy these, you might also like my Northern California wallpapers which are also available for download.

Sunset in Northern Norway Wallpaper

Flower in front of a sunset in Northern Norway wallpaper

Beautiful Sunset in Northern Norway

Northern Norway mountain and fjord wallpaper

Mountains and fjords of Northern Norway wallpaper

Enclosed beach in Northern Norway Wallpaper

Double Rainbow above a Norwegian fjord

Amazing sunset in Northern Norway

A strand of beach in the middle of the  Sea in Northern Norway